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A day with Seipati Mokhuoa: Strategist,Gender Equality Advocate & CEO, SAWIL

Today I chat to Seipati Mokhuoa - a consummate professional with a zest for life.

Born in a small village of Bofulo Trust in the Free state to two loving parents. She is the middle child of her parents’ ladies “soccer” team - something she suspects influences and informs her deep rooted desire to leave the world a better for women and girl children. I had the honor of working with Seipati on her corporate shoot.

The shoot was for her Business Magazine Cover debut

( with Business Africa Online: - An online business magazine equally fervent about Leadership Transformation, Gender equality and Entrepreneurship in the African continent.

Interesting FUN facts about Seipati: Q; What’s your favourite dish? A; It has to be my once a year Zambian delight: Nshima (Pap) with Kapenda (Sardines) and Zambian spinach. Q; What do you do for fun? A; I play golf – I think it’s safe to say I suck at it most times but I do play and I enjoy it a lot.

Q; Do you read? if so – what are you currently reading?

A; Disrupt yourself or be disrupted by Nicky Verd. A perfect read for a time such as this. The current unprecedented disruption caused by COVID-19 is easily the tip of the iceberg in comparison to what’s coming. Get yourself a copy if you can and equip yourself while there’s still time. Q; What’s your ultimate holiday destination?

A; I am at a point in my life where I am just simply in love with lady Afrika. So a much deserved holiday to Zanzibar and Jamaica after this lockdown is a must. Q; If you had to be stuck somewhere for three months with just three items, what would that be? A; My family, all our news books and enough food and water supply.

Q; Lastly, three people you would like to acknowledge for your success thus far? A; Oh definitely: 1. Jannie Kriel – my former boss (who later became a colleague), that man of God played one of the most pivotal roles not only in my career, but my life in general. An angel in human form. 2. Barend Van Der Westhuizen. When everybody was singing my praises he stepped in and challenged me beyond myself - not letting me get comfortable with mediocrity. Definitely one of the most exceptional and smartest leaders the industry is privileged to have. 3. Last, and definitely expectational would have to be the most important human being in my life – [my father and son]. I say human being because I believe one replaced the other. To read more about Seipati’s journey – please visit

For more photographs from the shoot scroll below :

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